Put your stickers on all valuables that leave your premises!


Confidential value



Storage of data

Bank cards

Suitcases and purses



Information value


USB keys


Mobile phones

Personal agenda



Monetary value



Electronic devices





Sentimental value





Lucky charms



Often, Sticknwizz is the only way to find an owner’s lost object as well as guaranteeing his anonymity!

- Mobile phone : if your mobile phone is closed or if the battery is dead, Sticknwizz is the only means of finding you.

- Keys : It would be dangerous to indicate on your keys any information leading to your identity. Sticknwizz is the only way to get your keys back while remaining anonymous.

- Confidential documents : Are you a business man who travels a lot? Do not risk allowing your competitor to get his hands on your documents. Remain anonymous and make yourself easy to find.

- Travels : You lose an object during your trip: Sticknwizz will enable you to be contacted before you return home, thereby avoiding unnecessary complications for the object’s return.

- Object found by a person who does not speak your language: With the Sticknwizz service, no linguistic effort is necessary. Nobody can be discouraged.

- Object without market value but with important sentimental value: The fact that this object bears your code will prove its value and will surely stop it from ending up in the garbage.

- Your kids forget their toys or their clothes everywhere: Sticknwizz will bring them back to you.

- Un doudou perdu ! Le drame ! Pincez une étiquette sticknwizz sur la cordelette du doudou de votre enfant et faites comme lui : Dormez en paix !

- And more...


Nothing worse than a Sticknwizz in a drawer… put them everywhere and on every object leaving your premises ! 

Utility advice

Stick your self-adhesive stickers on :

- Everything that leaves your premises on a regular basis, that has value for you (sentimental or monetary) or holds personal or confidential information.

- Cell phones, keys, coats and other clothes that are only washed occasionally (put the sticker on the tag, for example), hats, shoes, gloves, lucky charms, glasses case, wallets, backpacks, purses, suitcases, toys, personal agenda…

- Put the small stickers on the back of your bank cards, the arm of your eyeglasses, your cell phone battery, your Mont-Blanc pen...

Put your medallions on :

- Your keys or your pet’s collar.

Do not put your stickers on :

- Low value objects (less than 5€) or those without any sentimental value (so that you are not disturbed for no reason if you lose them)

- Clothes that are frequently washed (the sticker would be ruined).

- Objects permanently exposed to sunlight.

- Objects exposed to frequent rubbing. Frequent rubbing will destroy the stickers.

Warning :

- The glue on the stickers is extremely effective and can leave stains. Avoid delicate surfaces such as leather or suede.

- Avoid high temperatures, which may decrease the glue’s effectiveness, i.e. prevent the sticker from adhering to your objects.


News of the month

sncfSticknwizz in SNCF train stations

Did you know that luggage identification is mandatory on trains? 

Many travelers do not respect this rule. In order to help you, the SNCF offers packs of Sticknwizz labels in twenty of the largest train stations in France.

Further informations...

Frequent flyer

If you are a frequent flyer, you certainly know what it means to lose your phone, your passport, your luggage or your keys.marseilleprovence

This nightmare might be a thing of the past if you fly through Marseille Provence Airport and grab your Sticknwizz !

What are you waiting for ?

Marseille-Provence Airport Website

French Railways

SNCF You received a set of stickers in a French train station? Activate them here and start using them now!

You travel a lot and still have no SNCF-Sticknwizz? Go to the lost and found of your train station. They are available in all major cities in France.


In pictures

Football fan?

You want to show how much you like your favorite football team while your protect your important belongings from loss.pave-psg

Activate your PSG stickers here.


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