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News of the month

sncfSticknwizz in SNCF train stations

Did you know that luggage identification is mandatory on trains? 

Many travelers do not respect this rule. In order to help you, the SNCF offers packs of Sticknwizz labels in twenty of the largest train stations in France.

Further informations...

Frequent flyer

If you are a frequent flyer, you certainly know what it means to lose your phone, your passport, your luggage or your keys.marseilleprovence

This nightmare might be a thing of the past if you fly through Marseille Provence Airport and grab your Sticknwizz !

What are you waiting for ?

Marseille-Provence Airport Website

French Railways

SNCF You received a set of stickers in a French train station? Activate them here and start using them now!

You travel a lot and still have no SNCF-Sticknwizz? Go to the lost and found of your train station. They are available in all major cities in France.



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